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International Mountain Day, 11 December 2021

International Mountain Day, 11 December 2021

International Mountain Day is celebrated annually to create awareness around mountain communities and the benefits thereof. The United Nations officially declared the 11th of December of International Mountain Day in 2002. 

The theme of this years Mountain Day is Sustainable Tourism, a vital contributor to "alternative livelihood options and promoting poverty alleviation, social inclusion, as well as landscape and biodiversity conservation" (UN). Sustainable mountain tourism promotes the idea of preservation - preservation of our natural environment, the culture it holds and its spiritual heritage. It recognises and celebrates traditional practices. Mountains also provide homes to around 15% of our worlds population and contain almost half of all biodiversity on the planet.  

Mountain Tourism accounts for 15-20% of global tourism as a whole and was one of the sectors most heavily affected by the pandemic. Those in the sector, who already experience vulnerability, were further subjected to compounded effects. 

Identifying and celebrating this day allows us to be reminded of the many deep benefits our natural world has to offer and we should not only never take that for granted, but should work hard to protect it. 

Join the celebration by using #MountainsMatter - share your mountain knowledge, insight into nature, biodiversity and more.  

Want to get involved? Here are some ways you can celebrate this year:

1. Post your favourite mountain picture and use the # to create awareness 

2. Write to the FAO about any events you may partake in or even organise and they will share your experience on their website 

3. Create nature-inspired Art and share it 

4. Climb a mountain you've never climbed before 

5. Create awareness by engaging in conversations around environmental degradation 

5. Share how mountains have changed your life!

6. Engage in developmental projects in your community 

7. Go on a walk and clean up the trail  


Leave a comment below to tell us and others how you are planning to celebrate and add to the list of how to celebrate! 


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