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Nathalie Perthel


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Born in France, my childhood was filled with memories of long lazy family lunches sitting under shaded trees in the Mediterranean midday heat, while savouring the ripest and sweetest seasonal local fruits and freshly harvested bright and colourful vegetables sourced from nearby fresh markets – this was my childhood and where my love and my adventures with food started. In my early twenties, life took me on another adventure and before I knew it, I fell in love with the beautiful heart of South Africa, married my South African husband, was blessed with two beautiful daughters and South Africa is now what is home. With my love of food and a strong drive to provide creative and nutritious meals, I'm grateful to have found the rare opportunity to do what I love, with those that I love and I'm inspired each day with new and inspiring recipes and the amazing feedback and support from our ever growing base of forever friends and fans!


Jason Perthel


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My professional journey has seen me travel the serial entrepreneur path, having launched a number of technology start-ups over the past 25 years. As a solo hiker and adventurer, I've been fortunate to have completed a number of notable local and overseas long distant hikes, including pretty much every hiking long-distance trail in South Africa as well as Europe's toughest hike (the "GR20" in Corsica - 180km | 12,000m elevation gain), the "GR-R2" Grand Raid of Reunion Island (162km | 9,643m elevation gain) and most recently the gruelling 750km - 56 day RIM of Africa Mountain Traverse Thru-hike. In fact, the idea to launch an Outdoor & Adventure food company was born out of a personal necessity for ultra-lightweight, highly nutritious meals. With virtually no local suppliers and imported products simply being too expensive, I combined my need with my passion and harnessed my technical and business experience, not to mention a crash course in understanding food nutrition and various food preservation technologies, to launch Forever Fresh Foods.


Maxine Perthel


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Hi! My name is Maxine and I am 25 years old. I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Sociology and an Honours Degree in Sustainable Development from the Sustainability Institute (SI). Attending the SI completely changed my view of the world. I am constantly in awe of the various powers that nature holds and I am fighting very hard to protect it. As a result of this, I manage our sustainability policies and practices. We are constantly adapting, learning and trying to improve our carbon footprint where we can. Protecting the Earth and helping others are two are my biggest passions and goals in my life. Family is one of the most important things in my life and having the opportunity to, not only spend this time with my family, but learn from my parents in this business, is something I am very grateful for.


Juanita Arnolds

Packaging & Production

Hi there! My name is Juanita Arnolds. My role at Forever Fresh Foods involves mainly Packaging all product, labelling, and sealing as well as stocktaking and being responsible for maintaining a clean and food safe packaging environment. My favourite part of the job is the opportunity to grow and learn. I find it challenging and would do anything to make a success of the company. My future goals and plans for myself are to gain experience, learn new stills in my field and to be an independent woman that can provide for my family. Outside of my role at Forever Fresh, I strive to be the best mother I can be and the best daughter to my parents, and to be the best sister to my brothers. What makes me, me? I am loyal, honest and extremely hard working. 


Jacques Roodt

Production Manager

At Forever Fresh, I am a jack-of-all-trades. My responsibilities range from Production, Maintenance, Cleaning and Repairs. My overarching responsibility is to run production and ensure we have a  functioning factory. My favourite part of the job is everything that I do. Each task is important and I give everything I have to do the best I can. Outside of my role at Forever Fresh, I am a father, a husband, a Pastor and most of all, a God-fearing man. A verse that speaks to my future plans and goals for myself would be Colossians 3:22-24 "and whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for me, knowing that from the Lord, you will receive the inheritance as your reward". As for who I am "whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus" (Colossains 3 VS 17). 


Samantha Osche

Production Assistant & Cleaning

Hi! My name is Samantha. At Forever Fresh, my responsibility is production and cleaning. I don't have one favourite part of the job because I love what I am doing, I love to be a part of the Forever Fresh family and enjoy every moment. I am a single mom of two children and the breadwinner of my family. A big goal for myself is to one day buy a house and give my children everything they deserve. I want to work hard to achieve that. I want to be a successful mother and be able to help those in need. I can describe myself as shy and silly. I like learning and taking on new challenges; I don't get upset easily but quiet quickly. Laughing is a big part of who I am! 


Audrey Williams

Front Desk, Packing & Dispatch

Hey! My name is Audrey. My role at Forever Fresh is Office Administrator and Receptionist Extraordinaire! I describe myself as a multi-tasking maestro with a zest for life and an appetite for adventure. At favourite part of the job is juggling front desk dazzle, switchboard shenanigans, and all things administrative - it's a daily circus, and i'm the ringmaster! I plan to master the art of Human Resources Management while continuing to sprinkle my bubbly brilliance everywhere I go! What makes me, me - Well, picture this: A linguistic wizard fluent in Afrikaans, English, and isiXhosa, dancing through data, managing diaries, and orchestrating office operations with a perpetual smile. That's me., Audrey Williams, your go-to-gal for all things fabulous and administrative.  


Lester Schalit

Executive Chef

My name is Lester. I am the head of Food Production at Forever Fresh Foods. My favourite part of the job is being involved in team development and executing new and exciting projects. My future plans, work wise, are to scale food production to reach wider audiences. On a social side, a big goal of mine is to ride the Cape Town Cycle Tour! Outside of my role at Forever Fresh, I am a husband, father and massive sports fanatic. What makes me, me? Height, and big feet = holy socks! :D 


Catherine Baadjies


Hi! My name is Catherine. My role at Forever Fresh Foods is to cook with love. It brings out the best I have and I make sure everything I do is my best. I love everything about my job. I love being everything and doing everything. I love cooking, cleaning and packaging and the experience it gives me. I believe that tomorrow is not promised to anyone, it makes every moment count. I know it is important to live in the moment. My goal is, with time, to grow and develop professionally and personally. My qualities make me, me. I believe that you should be yourself and with everything you do, do it to the best of your abilities. 


Mariëtte Cloete


Hi! My name is Mariëtte. I am a part of the Forever Fresh Foods cooking team! We are responsible for providing all our customers with their delicious meals for their adventures.  Outside of work, I am a mom, a friend, and a sister. I am also a role model to my kids. My favourite part of working at Forever Fresh is the cooking and cleaning - and I love making jokes for my colleagues. I bring light and laughter so we can start every day with a positive mindset. A saying I live by is that I know who I am today, but not tomorrow because God has my future in his hands. My personality is what makes me who I am. 


Mari-Zahn Katz

Kitchen Prep & Cleaning

My name is Mari-Zahn. My role at Forever Fresh involves assisting in the kitchen as a prepper. I ensure that the chefs have everything that they need as well as maintaining a clean kitchen. My favourite part of the job is how we are able to work as individuals and as a team in order to get work done. My future plans and goals involve gaining the skills and independence to remove myself from my current situation and to build a life on my own, for myself. I am an aunty and I love singing in Church. I am outgoing and I love to explore new things and places. Music is important to me and helps me deal with anything.