Born in France, my childhood was filled with memories of long lazy family lunches sitting under shaded trees in the Mediterranean midday heat, while listening to the maddening sounds of cicadas and savouring the ripest and sweetest seasonal local fruits and freshly harvested bright and colourful vegetables sourced from nearby fresh markets – this was my childhood and where my love and my adventures with food started.

In my early twenties, life took me on another adventure and before I knew it, I fell in love with the beautiful heart of South Africa, married my South African husband, was blessed with two beautiful daughters and South Africa is now what is home.

With my love of food and a strong drive to provide creative and nutritious meals, coupled with my husband’s entrepreneurial and technology background and our common love of adventure, we launched Forever Fresh Foods, with the objective of combining advanced food preservation technologies with whole food nutritional principles to bring a new product to market that offers a novel way to add nutritional value to modern lifestyles.


Hi! My name is Maxine and I am 22 years old. I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Sociology and am currently finishing up my Honours in Sustainable Development at the Sustainability Institute (SI).

Attending the SI completely changed my view of the world. I am constantly in awe of the various powers that nature holds and I am fighting very hard to protect it. As a result of this, I overlook most of the sustainability aspects in our business.

We are constantly adapting, learning and trying to improve our carbon footprint where we can. Protecting the Earth and helping others are two are my biggest passions and goals in my life. Besides this, I run our social media accounts – Instagram and Facebook (@forever.fresh.foods). Feel free to pop me a message – I would love to hear from you. In my time between these jobs, I assist wherever help is needed; whether its washing, chopping or prepping – I’m there!

Family is one of the most important things in my life and having the opportunity to, not only spend this time with my family, but learn from my parents, is something I am very grateful for. We are starting small and working incredibly hard as a team and I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us.


Jason’s professional journey has seen him travel down the serial entrepreneur path, having launched a number of technology start-ups over the past 25 years. He has a keen passion for business, technical innovation and outdoor challenges and adventures. 

As a keen solo hiker and adventurer, having done a number of local and overseas long distant hikes, Jason recently completed the gruelling 750km - 56 day RIM of Africa thru-hike.

Jason’s love of the outdoors and a keen sense of the benefits of healthy nutrition for sports performance and endurance, led him to question what healthy alternatives may be available to the omnipresent 2-minute noodle outdoor norm.

Combining a need for ultra-lightweight - highly nutritious “clean” (whole food) meals with his passion for technical and business innovation, not to mention a crash course in understanding food nutrition and various food preservation technologies, led to the formation of Forever Fresh freeze-dried foods.

Of his many adventures and paths travelled, his personal journey led him in his early twenties to Germany, where he met a French girl, Nathalie. Now 27 years married and two beautiful daughters later, Jason is particularly excited by the opportunity to be pursuing a new adventure and to forge a new untravelled path with his wife and daughters, in the form of a family business.