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Do you have a RETAIL Shop?

What are your CONTACT details?

What PRODUCTS do you offer?

Where can I find more PRODUCT INFORMATION?

What is the difference between DEHYDRATED and FREEZE DRIED?

What do you mean by CONCENTRATED?

Are any NUTRIENTS lost during the Freeze-Drying process?

What do you mean by WHOLE FOODS?

What are the BENEFITS of Whole Foods?

Are your Products RAW or COOKED?

Are your Whole Foods Powders the same as SUPER FOOD powders?

Are your products GLUTEN FREE?

Are all your ingredients ORGANIC?

What is your policy of GMO products?

Do your Products have any ADDITIVES or fillers?

Are the little packets included OXYGEN Absorbers?

Product STORAGE - Do the Products need to be refrigerated?

Is your product SAFE for: Infants, Teenagers, Pregnant women, Elderly, Pets

Do you offer RECIPES?


Do you add any anti-caking or other ADDITIVES?

My powder/product has CLUMPED together – now what?

Do you take telephonic or email orders?

Is your website SECURE?

How do I know if my order has been RECEIVED?

How do I know the STATUS / progress of my order?

Do you offer monthly / weekly recurring SUBSCRIPTIONS?

Do you offer any PROMOTIONS, DISCOUNTS or special offers?

Do you offer WHOLESALE Pricing?

Do you offer Volume Discounts?

What methods of payment do you accept?

Can I pay in cash?

Can I do an EFT?

I never received my package – How do I get a refund?

I received my package but I no longer want the product, can I return it?

What METHOD of shipping do you use?

Who pays for shipping?

Is there a size / weight LIMITATION?

Can you ship to a PO BOX?

Can I COLLECT my order?

HOW LONG will it take to get my order from date of order?

Do you provide any sort of TRACKING NUMBER?

What do I do if my package goes missing?