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Eating out in the great outdoors with Forever Fresh

By: Se7en

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When you have raised a family of outdoor adventurers… the question that I get asked a lot is: How do you feed them all out on the Trails. We recently did the 13 Peaks Challenge and we are excited about going on longer and more adventures soon… we have done the odd overnight hike, but we have never done a several day hike with our kids… and to be honest the thought of hiking a five night trail with several kids in tow is daunting… because what do you feed them!!!

This has all changed with Forever Fresh’s new meal plans… I have blogged about their snacks before, but their spirit of adventure and their meals are also more than a little bit next level. I love this local company’s sustainable heart and their energetic vibe, always seeking out adventures. You should see their adventurous brand ambassadors and their new website full of exciting outdoor ideas.

A Family Feast with Forever Fresh 

I received some of their new meal packages to try as a trade exchange for a blog post that I wrote for them recently… firstly you can check the blog post out over here. And, secondly, we were so excited to try and taste their meals. First stop was to read all the packaging… do you see how light these packages are. Freeze dried meal that retain all the taste and feel of the original meal, that require truly minimal preparation… add water, heat and eat. Absolutely perfect for adventuring and literally pop supper into your backpack and then hike all day, knowing that the comfort of a home cooked meal is waiting for you in your camp mug at the end of the trail.

Honestly my guys were a little nervous, they have all experienced cardboard travel meals that just require water and look like magnificent feasts on the packaging, but when you actually eat them… well ergh!!! Which is why when we go on longer adventures we typically carry “real food.” A packet of rice slid into a backpack is the norm for us. We decided to put these Forever Fresh meals to the taste test before we set out on the trails. And I can honestly say that my kids are excited to head out into the wilds, knowing that a feast awaits them.

Couscous with Cranberries and Pumpkin Seeds 

My kids love and adore anything that has couscous mentioned in it and when you add cranberries and pumpkin seeds… well this was a clear winner. The instructions are so easy that any and every camper could manage them. Pour the contents into your cooking container, which could very well be your mug, and add about 100ml water. (There is a handy dandy mug scale on all the packaging so that you know exactly how much water to add) Wait five minutes for the meal to rehydrate and then warm your meal up. Everybody loved this and to be honest I could serve this for dinner every night of the week and my kids would be thrilled.

Hearty Vegetable and Bean Chilli

All the ingredients of a truly hearty stew are included in this magical dish: marrow, beans, peppers, onions and tomatoes to name just a few. This is the kind of meal that I could live on every day for the rest of my life, but I wasn’t too sure about my kids. It is really vegetable rich (!!!) I made some little flat breads to scoop up the goodness with… and everyone loved it. It’s got a lovely spiciness to it, and so easy to prepare… the total weight is 64g, and you could definitely toss it into your backpack for a lovely evening meal in your camp mug at the end of a long day of exploring.

Mild and Creamy Butter Chicken 

I knew my kids would love this… so I made a massive pot of basmati rice to go with it. Honestly, why wait until you are camping for this… it honestly couldn’t be easier.

Put the contents of the package into your camp mug, add about 3/4 of a mug of water to it… wait 5/6 and warm it up. It is that easy and that delicious… everybody loved this and I had to create butter chicken curry for a number of nights after this to satisfy my hungry hoard, whose taste buds had been tempted.

Classic Napoletana Sauce 


This little package “serves one” and honestly would make the most perfect little meal to pop into my flask, for after a swim in the great outdoors. This was divine, easier than easy… and my kids were excited they could heat up in a mug over the gas flame. All the fun of outdoor adventure cooking.

All in all, these pre-cooked, freeze dried meals from Forever Fresh really did pass the taste test and are definitely going to help us to raise our outdoor adventure game over the next couple of weeks.

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