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FREE shipping on Orders of R1,000 or more!

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A group of explorers, skilled in a variety of fields from different walks of life, who showcase the thrill of what it means to be an adventurer - a community of awesome individuals helping us spread our message

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Gerhard Nel

I love the desolate places and wide-open spaces. High mountain peaks, deep ravines, balmy summer evenings and raging winter storms... let me have it all! My favourite things are waking up in the wilderness, standing on a new summit, and swimming in a cold mountain pool. Spending consecutive days in the wilderness gives up a unique opportunity - leaving the distractions and pressures of modern life at home and going back to a tribal and instinctual way of living. This is good for the spirit...

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Meryl Kasombo

My favourite thing about being in the outdoors is the freedom to be the best version of yourself. The outdoors always challenges me to show up and do better than I did yesterday. It gives me the freedom to just be me and challenges me to be better

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Iana Strydom

I really love that "free" feeling you get in the outdoors .. It's hard to explain, but nothing beats that feeling you get when you walk in the mountains and you just see endless mountain ranges. No buildings, no car noises - It's just you and nature. Being in the outdoors also brings a lot of things into perspective. It teaches you to appreciate the little things in life and to not take anything for granted

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Grant Christie

I love the simplicity and freedom that comes with it being in nature; exploring wonder-filled places with everything you need on your back. There is no pressure and no pretence. And nature is always full of surprises. I believe the world needs more wild spaces and wilderness areas, along with a greater understanding of why this is needed

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Janine Steytler

The connection I receive from Nature in turn helps me to connect more deeply with my true self. I always find myself more at peace, more joyful and more playful when I am on an adventure and outdoors. Going back to the city life after I have been outdoors helps me buffer overstimulation and also creates more space for me to connection more authentically to my community. I learn so much from observing and experiencing the cycles and rhythms of Nature 

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Georgina Avlonitis 

With nothing, we are all the same. There is no status, materialism, wealth or power in the wilderness and therefore less room for egos. Nothing separates us from our fellow humans on the trail, which is perhaps why the feeling of connection is so abundant. Perhaps in 'the real world' it's why so many people feel alone even when surrounded by so many others- our so-called busyness and our egos and perceptions of our own and other's status get in the way. 

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