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What is your favourite thing about being in the outdoors and what does it mean to you?

The connection I receive from Nature in turn helps me to connect more deeply with my true self. I always find myself more at peace, more joyful and more playful when I am on an adventure and outdoors. Going back to the

city life after I have been outdoors helps me buffer overstimulation and also creates more space for me to connection more authentically to my community. I learn so much from observing and experiencing the cycles and rhythms of Nature that I can apply that to my own emotional, creative and work life. Mostly, I feel like I fit in and thrive in Nature, and always find new ways to respect and protect natural environments

How did you first hear about or experience FOREVER FRESH?

I found Forever Fresh after researching for freeze-dried foods to take my on my own adventures. I then began following them on IG

If you could go anywhere in the world (without any limitations), where would you travel/explore?

I have always wanted to go to Alaska and experience what its like to be in the snow and the cold forests

What does the world need more of?

The world needs forepeople who truly explore themselves deeply, as this will result in a greater respect for their fellow humans and surrounding environments

What is a saying, quote or mantra you live by?

Know thyself

What has been your greatest adventure so far?

To be honest, the greatest adventure so far has been being alive. I could not have dreamed up a crazier adventure than what my life has been. But to be more specific, one adventure that stands out would be spending days in the deepest parts of the Drakensberg mountains with my siblings, playing in the rivers and building houses from fallen branches. Also, spending two weeks in the Succulent Karoo searching for rare and endangered plant species and tracking them down on the peaks of mountains, some of which were the size of a pencil

What do you hope to do more of this year?

To explore more of our beautiful country that I have not yet seen and to write poetry about what I experience and see

What is the number 1 item on your bucket list?

To visit another country where it snows in the mountains and meet indigenous people that live in their homelands and have conversations with them

What does sustainability mean to you?

To me, sustainability means to ensure that what has been used or consumed is at a rate that ensures regenerations for the future. It is rooted in the concept of sharing and provision for usage and consumption well into the future and used in a way that does not deplete a resource, but rather gives it time to renew or revive itself. Sustainability is slow-paced, which contrasts with the methods that are currently being practiced in a fast-paced world today. Sustainability also means to maintain a constant supply for service from an ecosystem