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Two Sisters Helping You Save the Environment

 By: Jeanne and Lise-Marie Hugo

A very important part of Forever Fresh is SUSTAINABILITY and creating our products in a way that ensures the environments we so love exploring, are not only here today – but tomorrow as well. One of the ways we have been engaging with sustainable practices is through the connection we have with local sister duo, Sista Sista! These two sisters have created a business which helps our community deal with the difficulty of actually making ecobricks themselves. We asked them to write a post explaining what they do, why they do it and how they came to be so you can read it firsthand from them!

Sista Sista

Two sisters helping you save the environment without doing the tedious work yourself.

The best way to explain our service, as well as our intention and goals, is probably to start with us: the two sisters that one day decided eco-bricking* is a lot of unwanted effort.

We have always been extremely motivated to conserve Mother Nature. Whether it be experimenting with vegan diets, attending environmental marches in Cape Town, thrifting or supporting local businesses. But like most, we often found it overwhelming and scary.

One scroll through Instagram would make us feel defeated. One look at the news would make us feel insignificant. All of this would then fuel our greatest enemy, becoming disheartened and demotivated. We decided that this needed to change.

Forever Fresh Foods

Humans are incredibly capable, especially when it comes to the collective effort of saving our beautiful home. However, we understand that many people do not know where to start or that they struggle to find time. This is where Sista Sista comes in. We realized that there needed to be a service that helped people to make a change and become more eco-wise. And we wanted to make taking these steps in the green direction easy. Why? Well, my fellow humans, we are all in this together.

Okay, so intentions aside, we are a small business based in Somerset West. We have already expanded to Stellenbosch and our future expansion will be to Cape Town (how could we exclude our mother city from mother nature?).

Forever Fresh Foods

Our monthly service was initiated in August 2020 and we have been blooming since then! We have received incredible love and support and it has been so inspiring to see all the green love that everyone has to share. Our service includes a monthly newsletter where we provide helpful (and not overwhelming) tips that you can do daily to decrease your carbon footprint. Additionally, we provide you with two hemp bags (with personalized embroidery) and an information sheet with examples as to what plastics should be collected (and be put into your hemp bag). Once a month, we will collect this bag (containing the non-recyclable plastics) and we will then transform these plastics into eco-bricks. These eco-bricks will then be used to build schools, benches, and much more to uplift the communities in our incredible country!

A key goal for us is expansion. Through expansion, we hope to uplift individuals by creating more job opportunities (we will need more people to help stuff the bottles). We would also love to promote sustainable living to as many people as possible and we are beyond excited to grow our Sista Sista family!

 Forever Fresh Foods

All are welcome to join our green journey and we sincerely hope that this service will allow you realize that you are indeed significant and can make a change in the world that surrounds us. Our home needs our help, and it is time that we all take that green step, together.


*Eco-bricks: A 2L bottle that has been stuffed with non-recyclable plastics. When complete, this bottle is solid enough to act as a building brick. These bricks can be used to build objects such as benches, tables and even schools!



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