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FREE shipping on Orders of R1,000 or more!

Field Testing with Forever Fresh

One night, sitting around the table for dinner, we began testing different meals for the upcoming launch of Forever Fresh's new range of adventure meals. With a set of criteria, based on their ability to freeze-dry, the calorie content, protein content, deliciousness…etc. we began accepting or rejecting meals. Suddenly, a thought occurred to us. We were warm, sitting on stable chairs, inside a house... This was nowhere close to what our customers would experience when having our meals and we didn’t believe in selling a product that we hadn’t tested for ourselves in the outdoors. So, we set off and began field testing our products.

Field testing is testing the products you sell in the environment in which they are meant to be consumed. Our first location was Houdenbek campsite in the Kouebokke veld.

We set up camp and enjoyed a day in the Cederberg-like mountains. When it came to dinner time, we were properly hungry and excited to see how our meals would fair in the great outdoors.

We got out our cooker and began preparing the meal and when it was done all I could think was “WOW!”. Food really just tastes different when you’re in nature and when you’ve been out adventuring all day. We were incredibly happy with the outcome of our meals and hope you experience the same on your adventures, wherever they may take you!  

We made a video to share with our customers that we posted on our YouTube Channel! Have a look and enjoy. 


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