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Freeze-Dried Green Pepper Powder

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Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Raw

Fresh Equivalent

  • 50g = 800g
  • 200g = 3.2kg
  • 400g = 6.4kg


Loaded with various vitamins and minerals
High concentration of Vit C
B6, K1, Potassium, Folate, Vit E, Vit A, Magnesium
Rich in antioxidants
Decent source of Fibre
High in beta-carotene
Abundant in Lutein (only green)

Health Benefits

Supports EYE health (protect retina from oxidative stress)
Reduces risk of CATARACTS and macular degeneration
Prevents ANEMIA
PROMOTES a healthy heart
Supports the IMMUNE SYSTEM
Instrumental in lowering risk of arthritis and reduce inflammation
Decreases STRESS levels (particularly those to premenstrual symptoms)
PREVENTS hypertension
DETOXIFIES, in particular mucus membranes in the nose
HELPS control BLOOD SUGAR levels

Culinary Uses

Add to Smoothies | Juices | Soups | Curries |Stews | Pasta Sauces
Sneak in Bakes | Quiches
Add to Homemade Pasta for a Natural Colour and Flavour
Sprinkle on Salads | Eggs | Savoury Muffins | Sandwiches | Pizza | Wraps
Blend into Dips | Cream Cheese | Hummus for a Natural Flavouring
Sprinkle on Omelettes | Scrambled Eggs
Dust on Popcorn | Vegetable Chips | Salads
Blend in Salad Dressings

Health Benefits for Your Skin and Hair

Effective against OXIDATIVE STRESS caused by free radicals
Assists in the production of COLLAGEN
COMBATS signs of ageing
GREAT for curing rashes, blemishes and other skin infections
Great source of SILICA – good for hair
Stimulates Natural hair GROWTH & Strengthens HAIR follicle

Cosmetic uses

Face Masks | Scrubs | Shampoo
Moisturiser | Eye treatments

Fun Facts

Green peppers have twice the amount of Vitamin C by weight than citrus fruits
Bell peppers are actually fruits but we use them as vegetables in our daily meals.
Pepperoni is the Italian word for bell pepper.



Hydrating juice

Chopped cucumber
4 tbsp of lemon powder
4 tbsp of green pepper powder
4 tbsp of apple powder
Chopped kale
Chopped ginger

Blend and enjoy!


Anti-Breakout Face Mask

A mixture of carrot and green pepper powder can be very effective in clearing blemishes and rashes on the skin
Mix in with yogurt and honey and apply

Natural remedy for athlete’s foot (antibacterial and anti-fungal)

Combine tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar and green pepper powder and apply directly to infected areas
Leave for 15-20 mins and rinse gently after making sure the infected area is completely dry afterwards

Bell Pepper and Honey Face Mask

1 teaspoon of green pepper powder
1 teaspoon of milk
1 teaspoon oatmeal
1 teaspoon honey
Blend all ingredients together.

Apply face mask for 20 minutes - it will dry out (you can sleep with it and wash your face in the morning with warm water. Use twice a week for firmer skin.