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Welcome to Forever Fresh - SA's No.1 Outdoor, Adventure and Hiking Meal of choice! | FREE Shipping on Orders over R1000!
Welcome to Forever Fresh - SA's No.1 Outdoor, Adventure and Hiking Meal of choice! | FREE Shipping on Orders over R1000!


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For extended outdoor adventures or when life throws you unexpected adventures, the Essential 30-MEAL VALUE PACK is your solution.

NOTE: This product is made to order. Current manufacturing time, from date of order, is approx. 1 week

For the ultimate SURVIVALIST. This comprehensive all-in-one 30-Meal VALUE PACK is the perfect peace of mind solution for any serious extended outdoor, life adventure or emergency and is a must for anyone looking at self-sufficiency and having at least 30 Main Meals on hand at all times.

At a net weight of only 3.2kg, this pack, containing 60 SERVINGS (and over 15,000 Kcal), is both ULTRA PORTABLE, ALWAYS READY and ideal for individuals and families.

An Essential Source of Quality nutrition whatever the challenge or emergency.

Each of the 30-MAIN MEALS included range from 400g to 450g (rehydrated weight) and includes (where applicable) a side of Basmati Rice (conveniently pre-mixed) or simply an EXTRA LARGE MEAL offering enough for 2 to share.

Also available as an Essential 90-Meal Adventure Pack or as an Essential 360-Meal Adventure Pack.

All meals are freeze-dried, are shelf stable for 3 years, do not require refrigeration and are pre-cooked.


30 LARGE VALUE PACKS: (15 x Chicken | 10 x Beef | 5 x Vegetarian)


30 MAIN MEALS - Essential VALUE Pack | Premium Ingredients | Pre-Cooked Meals | Long Shelf-Life | No Refrigeration Required  | 100% Free-Range Meat | High in Calories and Protein | Ultra Light | Always Ready 

Total Calories 15,261 Kcal
Total Protein 945 g
Total Servings 60
Total Net Weight 3,267 g


Unlike dehydrated foods, that rely on nutritional damaging high heat to remove moisture and offer a limited shelf life of less than 1 year, freeze-dried foods use a gentle cold process to preserve 98% of all nutrients and offers long term preservation of up to 25 years. What's more, freeze-dried foods simply taste better than dehydrated foods, offer a wider choice of both meat and plant meals, are lighter and are easier and quicker to rehydrate. 

Freeze Dried products are generally more expensive than the dehydrated equivalent products, but are superior in every other aspect.