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FREE shipping on Orders of R1,000 or more!

How its Made

Freeze drying, also known as sublimation, is a process involving the complete removal of moisture from food. This moisture removal significantly prolongs shelf-life, reduces the weight of food and makes it super easy to prepare!



The meals are frozen until they reach, what is referred to as, their "triple point"; the lowest temperature in which the solid, liquid and gas phases can coexist. That ensures that the moisture in the product is drawn out instead of melted


The pressure in the freeze drying machines is lowered in order to the ice in the product to sublime. In this initial phase, around 95% of the moisture is removed

3. DRY

Heat energy is slowly added, causing all ice, and any left over water molecules, to be pulled out of the food. This is a very gentle process and as such, can take days. However, it is extremely important for keeping the nutrients, appearance, texture and taste of the food intact 

Once the freeze drying process has been completed, our meals are packed into pouches and shipped off to feed the hungry adventurers out there! 



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