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FREE shipping on Orders of R1,000 or more!

4 Ways to use Forever Fresh Meals

While the concept of freeze drying is incredibly new to South Africa, the idea of food and adventure is not. 

Our meals have been designed, not only as a product, but as a means that provides our customers with that extra energy, fuel, nutrients and motivation to hike further, climb higher, kayak faster...

These meals have been designed for all and any adventures; whatever the word means to you. Whether it's at the top of the highest mountain you can find or if you wish to use them in your own homes to provide your family with the best, quick meals. 

So let's dive right in...


1. Backpacking 

In many cases, most adventures you embark on will require you to carry a backpack. Being compact and small, our meals can fit into even the darkest corners of your pack. One of our biggest considerations is WEIGHT. These meals are ultra-light because your backpack is heavy enough without the added weight of food. 

2. Camping 

Camping should be all about enjoying the view and spending time with great people; not worrying about what to make for dinner or how to cook in the dark. We've designed these meals so that they are QUICK to prepare and take all the stress out of questions like "whats for dinner?" 

3. Overnighting 

Any adventure that requires an overnighter would be a perfect example of when and where to use these meals. Whether it's kayaking, cycling, river rafting... these meals are for everyone.

4. Emergency Kits/Just in Case

Just in case... it's exactly what it says. 2 of the major benefits of our meals are that they are LIGHT and LONG LASTING. 

Imagine you are walking or cycling and fall behind of your schedule and cant make it to a town to buy food. Having one of our meals in your bag would ensure you that going hungry would never happen. 

Prepping for the worst case scenario? Stock up with our emergency 30 day survival kit. 









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