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FREE shipping on Orders of R1,000 or more!
8 / 10 - Overall winner – Best Hiking Meals! | Forever Fresh Foods

Go! Hiking Meal Shoot-Out

Renowned magazine, Go! recently tested freeze-dried and dehydrated meals for the trails. 

"When it comes to food on the trail, most hikers hate carrying the extra kilos. At the same time, food is absolutely crucial to keep your energy levels up. Freeze-dried and dehydrated meals might be the answer...We tasted some popular options" - Go! Magazine, 2021 

The criteria used to review the meals were as follows: 

  • Dry weight per portion 
  • Ease of preparations
  • Packaging
  • Information 
  • Taste and Appearance 
  • Energy (in calories) per portion 
  • Additives 
  • Variety 
  • Special dietary requirements 
  • Affordability

Forever Fresh scored 8/10! - achieving the highest score and winning overall up against some giants in the freeze-dried industry. 

Grab a copy of the magazine to read more in depth. 

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