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Our Story

Our Story

It all started with a walk…


You know the saying – Life is full of surprises?


If we had had a crystal ball many moons ago and saw our current reality we would have been at a loss to imagine how we would have gotten there but here we are!


Growing up in France, South Africa was not only quite unknown to me but my concept of walks/hikes was limited to walks in the forests surrounding my family home on lazy Sunday afternoons where we would forage for mushrooms after a good rain, which mushrooms my Father would refuse to eat for fear that my Mother might be poisoning us all. Luckily all 4 siblings as well as my parents survived these Sunday dinner feasts.


I could NEVER in a million years have imagined my future. Yes I had a yearning for travel and seeing new cultures and I qualified to participate in an exchange program between Germany and France. It was highly improbable I would meet the ONLY South African at the Language School in Cologne, Germany. My first encounter with anything “South African” was rather strange I must be honest. It was mid-February in freezing Germany, that wonderful time of the year where temperatures are in the negatives and in walked this guy with piercing blue eyes in a t-shirt. My immediate reaction was that he was either clearly mentally unstable or he was from a Scandinavian country where -2 degrees equates early summer temperatures. My Scandinavian dreamy guy idea was dispelled as soon as I heard that he was from South Africa. Clearly mad in the head! But again, life is full of surprises and despite my best efforts to stay away from the crazy South African all these years back in Germany, love and life will have their way and we fell in love.


Fast forward a few years later and my South African wanted to go back to the land of his birth and where the sun shines most days (see he was cold after all!!). So I packed my small possessions and plucked the courage to go to a place I had never seen, to a place where I didn’t speak the language, nor knew the culture. Talk about an adventure! Life in South Africa was everything I didn’t know I wanted. I immersed myself in the culture, the landscapes, the language and felt so welcome by all. I didn’t know you could feel or live this way.


Fast-forward 25 years we got married, raised two beautiful girls and as they say the rest is history BUT one day in early 2019 in a typical Gemini way, hubby decided that he needed time away in nature and booked himself a two-month hike in the mountains. 56 days, 750 kms required a lot of preparations and food was high on the list. This man would need feeding and proper feeding since he was to be climbing up and down mountains for so many weeks.


This was the start of our “walk” into this freeze-drying adventure! With much research done as to what was available locally, Jason decided to bring the technology into the country and do all the field tests himself. 56 days and many mountain traverses later this now-bearded mountain man knew that this food was a winner. He had never eaten so well on any of the previous multi-day hikes he had ever done.


Hence Forever Fresh was born from a long walk in the beautiful mountains of the Western Cape.


Forever Fresh is currently a family business with 3 members actively involved in it while we wait for the last one to finish her studies before hopefully joining into the family business.


We look to provide delicious and nutritious meals to all hikers, campers, over-landers and more. If you love the outdoors, then these meals have been made locally, sustainably with YOU in mind!

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